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Mono ConGO has created an UNBELIEVABLE takeout menu! 

We ordered Moroccan tagine, chicken enchiladas, veggie enchiladas, veggie lasagna & cauliflower orange “chicken” with rice. Knock out delicious.

You made a lot of people at the Mama Toucans Family picnic really happy today. 

Absolutely incredible! 

Chris Ricciardi, Mama Toucans Natural Foods

We had a delicious take out meal from Mono ConGO this week!! They are rolling out a new take out menu!

We had Ribs, Morroccan Tangine and Mango Coleslaw.

It was all super yummy and extremely well priced! What a treat and something to look forward to.

Of course we couldn't resist carrot cake for dessert too!

We will definitely order again!

Jen Goodman, Lagunas

We are gluten-free and milk free, and they have many options throughout the menu, including some desserts. We are looking forward to our weekly deliveries.

Receiving their service is  a big time saver. We also love increasing our nutrition and boosting immune systems with the variety of fresh juices that they have.

Chris Sampson, Uvita